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Rupp: Putting an End to the Use of School Seclusion Rooms

Missouri, March 2, 2009
Recent disturbing reports across the country — and in our own state — of alleged incidents of improper restraint and seclusion being used as school disciplinary measures for students receiving special education services prompted me to file Senate Bill 445, which would ban seclusion rooms and begin our state’s efforts to begin addressing this troubling national issue.

The use of seclusion rooms, usually small rooms with padding on the walls, first came to my attention when I chaired the Blue Ribbon Panel on Autism. Senate Bill 445 would prevent special education students from being confined in locked areas or rooms as a behavior management technique or discipline management practice. There would be exemptions in certain situations when confinement is necessary to prevent bodily harm to the student or another person. The bill does not exclude the use of appropriate limited time-outs in order for students to regain self-control.

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Copy and paste URL: http://www.senate.mo.gov/09info/members/newsrel/d02/w030309.pdf

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