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How To Contact Congress

The following information--other than information specific to Missouri--was pulled from Wrightslaw.

PLEASE contact your Congressmen/women. Write one letter and then print multiple copies to mail and also copy and paste the letter into the web forms listed below. A little effort today can protect so many children in the near future.


The Preventing Harmful Restraint and Seclusion in Schools Act (H.R. 4247 and S. 2860) are important bills that seek to provide a minimal floor of protection for all children in all states.

Chairman Miller would like to mark up the bill early next year. You should contact your Congressional Representatives and Senators and share your views on the bills. If they do not hear from you, they cannot know what you are thinking.

Be sure to include the bill’s name, “The Preventing Harmful Restraint and Seclusion in Schools Act,” and its number (H.R. 4247 in the House and S.2860 in the Senate) in your email, phone messages, and correspondence.

Telephone/TTY: Call your Congressional Representative and Senators at 202-224-3121 (TTY 202-225-1904). This is the switchboard, so you will need to know your Representative’s and Senators' names. When you are connected, ask for the aide who handles education or disability. If you get voicemail, please leave a detailed message.

You can also find direct dial numbers for your Representative and Senators (including local numbers and fax numbers) on your Representative’s webpage at http://www.house.gov and Senators’ webpages at http://www.senate.gov/ (click on Senators).

Email: If you need to use email, go to http://www.house.gov/writerep for the House. For the Senate, go to http://www.senate.gov/ and click on Senators and then “Choose a State.” Click on the webforms to send email.

Members of the Committees: It is particularly important to call or email if your Representative is on the House Education and Labor Committee (see http://edlabor.house.gov/about/members/ for a list of members) or the Senate Health Education Labor and Pension Committee (see http://help.senate.gov/About.html for a list of members). These are the members who will mark up, or edit, the bill before the Committee votes on it. Even if you’re not in one of these districts, it is still important to share your thoughts with your Representatives and Senators.

Find Out Who Your Congressional Representative is: If you do not know who your Congressional Representative is, go to http://www.house.gov and put your zip code into the box in the upper left corner. (You usually only need your five digit zip code.) You can find your Senators through http://www.senate.gov/ and clicking on Senators and then ““Choose a State.” You have one Representative and two Senators.

Missouri Congressional Representatives:
Akin, Todd, Missouri, 2nd
Blunt, Roy, Missouri 7th
Carnahan, Russ, Missouri, 3rd
Clay Jr., William "Lacy" , Missouri, 1st
Cleaver, Emanuel, Missouri, 5th
Emerson, Jo Ann, Missouri, 8th
Graves, Sam, Missouri, 6th
Luetkemeyer, Blaine, Missouri, 9th
Skelton, Ike, Missouri, 4th

Missouri Senators:
Bond, Christopher S.
(202) 224-5721
Web Form

McCaskill, Claire
(202) 224-6154
Web Form

If you wish to Contact Congressman Miller’s office directly about H.R. 4247:
Email: [Web Form] or fax: 202-225-5609
On email, select Education as the topic, and be sure to write “H.R.4247” in the body of your email. At times, there has been a special email box in the Committee office for restraint and seclusion emails. If you choose to use it, please also send an email through the contact form above. And even if you contact Chairman Miller, please also contact your own Representative. Your own Representative needs to hear from you.

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