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8-Year-Old Boy's Story

Story provided by parent.

2005 through 2008

Starting at the age of 8, a young boy with Asperger's Syndrome was placed in an isolation chair when he failed to write, even though a functional behavior assessment showed that the reason for many of his behaviors was the avoidance of writing. He was also placed in isolation when exhibiting perceived noncompliance (related to his disability). The boy was expected to face the wall--flanked with file cabinets--without talking or interacting with others. Classmates were not allowed to interact with him. This isolation occurred for three years in the name of "treatment" rather than providing student with proper supports and accommodations.

Update: The boy started attending a private school for children with learning disabilities and was placed in a small classroom. He was taught methods to help him organize to write and received occupational therapy--all of the inappropriate behaviors stopped. According to the parent, he now participates in gym because it is an adaptive class and in music and art because his sensory needs are met, unlike in the public school. "He's like a new kid."


District Information:

Assessed Valuation: $8,562,810
Total Enrollment: 58

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