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TASH Releases Survey Results on Restraint and Seclusion Use in Schools

February 7, 2010

A survey of parents and caretakers of children with disabilities was undertaken to document the use of restraints, seclusion, and aversive procedures. A 23 item survey was presented using a web-based program. Participants were informed of the survey by different advocacy organizations. Within 2 weeks, 1300 individuals opened the survey and 1293 answered the first question which asked if their child had been subjected to the procedures. Of the 1293, 837 (64.7%) said “yes” and continued with the survey. According to the responses, children with disabilities were often exposed to restraints, seclusion and aversive procedures and most of the time the parents had not approved of the procedures beforehand. Implications for national, state, and local policies and practices are discussed.

Read the publication here (PDF).

Please contact Barbara Trader, TASH – Executive Director with any questions or comments. She can be reached at: btrader@tash.org or (202) 540-9013.


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