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Kentucky Works Towards Curbing Abuse in Public Schools

Kentucky, February, 12 2010
A shocking new report released by The National Disability Rights Network suggests abusive use of seclusion and restraint on school children and a lack of state and federal regulation governing such practices. Kentucky has been working on revising their guidelines concerning these practices in public schools. Caleb Campbell has this story.

About two weeks ago Janet Board got a phone call from her grandson's school in Meade County. It wasn't the first time this had happened. Her grandson, who we'll call Sam, suffers from O.C.D., early on-set bipolar and post-traumatic stress. School officials made the call because Sam was acting erratically again, a behavior pattern that had been with him throughout his entire life.

"When I got to the school they told me he was in the gymnasium. I went down there. A principal holding one arm, a teacher holding the other and another teacher sitting on him pinned against the gym floor."

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