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A DRNC Report on School Seclusion and Restraint: February 2010

DRNC, February 2010

This report details DRNC's investigations that show North Carolina public school employees use dangerous face-down restraints on students with disabilities. Government and media reports have shown these prone restraints have been the cause of injuries and even death in students across the country. Accordingly, DRNC strongly opposes the use of these restraints and has joined a national effort to ban the use of these restraints. DRNC encourages school districts in North Carolina to join in this national effort and lead other school districts to protect the lives and welfare of North Carolina's students.

Read the report here.


Copy and paste URL: http://www.disabilityrightsnc.org/pages/249/school-seclusion-and-restraint-prone/%3Cbr%20/%3E

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