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Personal Minutes Regarding Missouri Restraint & Seclusion Model Policy Meeting

My personal minutes regarding the November 19, 2009 Missouri (DESE) restraint & seclusion model policy meeting are located here: http://bit.ly/705x7k. Please let me know if you want the original Word document as the Google document formatting is a little wonky.

Please note there was much discussion regaing Michigan's model policy at this meeting, but as posted before, there is now evidence coming forth that model policies are not working. Not that this is a surprise to anyone passionate about this issue, but it is something to include in your letters to your legislators so they see data on how leaving this issue up to local school districts has not worked and will not work to stop the misuse and abuse of seclusion and restraint. Legislation needs to be readressed at the state level as we continue to fight for legislation at the federal level.

I had an e-mail address from DESE for comments, but lost it in my piles of paperwork. For now, please send commments via MPACT or feel free to contact DESE at the general e-mail/address/number.

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