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School Seclusion Rooms Come Out of the Dark

Maryland, November 27, 2009
A planned addition to Oakdale Elementary School will include classrooms, restrooms, a faculty room -- and a seclusion room.

Seclusion rooms are used to isolate a child -- most often a special-education student -- who poses a physical threat to himself or others, or is disrupting the educational process, Pam Pencola told the Frederick County Board of Education this week.

After looking over the Oakdale plans, board members recently asked school officials to explain the use of seclusion rooms, which are seldom acknowledged or discussed in public.

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And December 3, 2009 OpEd Piece:
Seclusion rooms

Originally published December 03, 2009

Some parents of FCPS students may have been taken aback to learn that "seclusion rooms" are present and being used at some county schools. According to News-Post education reporter Marge Neal's Nov. 27 story, the rooms are used to isolate students who are experiencing emotional or behavioral stress that may be a concern for themselves and others.

Decades ago, students with emotional, cognitive or behavioral issues were often educated at separate institutions or were highly segregated from the rest of the students at a school.

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