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NSBA: New Legislation Would Guide Use of Restraints and Seclusion for Disruptive Students

National School Boards Association, December 10, 2009
NSBA supports the measure because it clarifies appropriate and inappropriate uses of restraint and seclusion for school officials, and it includes all students, not only those with disabilities.

“The goal of school boards in this area is to promote the health, safety, and dignity of the nation’s school children – and teachers – and provide an environment that is conducive to learning,” NSBA Associate Executive Director Michael A. Resnick said at the ceremony. “We do believe this legislation will meet our safety and other goals for students and school personnel while providing sufficient authority and flexibility to schools and school districts in training school personnel based on their unique needs.”

The bill would encourage states to provide better training and support on the emergency use of restraints.

Read the rest of the NSBA statement here.


Copy and paste URL: http://www.nsba.org/HPC/Features/AboutSBN/SBN-Online-Only-Articles/New-legislation-would-guide-use-of-restraints-and-seclusion-for-disruptive-students-Dec-10.aspx

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