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American Association of School Administrators: Restraint and Seclusion

December 17, 2009
Earlier this week, AASA worked to compile and share a list of concerns in response to restraint and seclusion legislation introduced in the House. While we support the idea of proper training of teachers and school staff in using seclusion and restraint, we are concerned with unintended consequences of new legislation in this area.

Our key concerns related to the inclusion private schools in the bill, the prohibition of including seclusion/restraint in a student's IEP, the fact that schools--who do involve police to diffuse some situations--cannot be responsible for all actions of the police, the inclusion of chemical restraint and whether it really warrants federal legislation, and the likelihood of school districts being able to collect required data as proposed in the legislation.

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17.1 AASA believes that monitored seclusion and restraints should be used as a last resort but must be an option for staff working with students who are out of control and pose a danger to themselves and others. [My comment: Legislation as currently proposed does not take this option away.]


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