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There IS a Problem

Right now in the state of Missouri, we need to show that there IS a problem with the overuse and abuse of seclusion and restraint. Many people cannot fathom that this is going on or that it is allowed to continue. Most people want to believe these cases are isolated, far and few between. The truth is, it shouldn't even have to happen to ONE child, but we are burdened with the task of proving that abuse and misuse is happening and that it is happening statewide.

Many parents and school employees are afraid to come forward. They are afraid of retaliation from the school district towards themselves, the child who experienced the abuse, or even other children in the district. Some parents can't talk because they are in the middle of litigation. Some parents and staff have been convinced that this treatment is in the best interest of the child or that it was a one-time error. Others still choose to move to get their child out of the dangerous situation, but are not aware that while their child is now safe, there are possibly other children still in the district who are not. And sadly, there are many parents who do not even know their child is being abused in this way--a crisis plan may indicate that "Time-Out" or a "Safe room" be used, but parents have no idea what those rooms really are, the minor reasons children are placed in the rooms, or how long children are subjected to stay there.

I will be going to Jefferson City, MO on Tuesday and have meetings scheduled with:

Representative Maynard Wallace
Representative Sara Lampe
Representative Joe Smith
Senator Tom Dempsey
Senator Eric Schmitt

I encourage you to share your story with your legislators, share your story with Missouri Protection and Advocacy (you can do this anonymously), and/or send it to me and I can 'anonymously' share it here and with legislators if you do not feel safe otherwise.

You can't change what happened to your child, but you can help promote change so something similar doesn't happen to another child. I know it is scary. I know. But so is living in fear wondering if this could happen to your child again or to a friend's child, or that one little boy down the street...


Mrs. C said...

YES! Tell them there are a lot of us out there.

YES! I took my child off the district's rolls and he is now safe at home. But my older children, my neighbours' children, and the children in cities across the state are not. And sadly, parents don't fully understand about what a "recovery room" really is. They don't know what the BIST program is or that it expects compliance in TWO seconds. TWO!

My older son has a language disorder. Sure, he can speak, but two seconds isn't even long enough for him to realize that he doesn't understand what you just said.

*If only* the TV networks would go to our local elementary and video the safe room in action, I *know* there would be an outcry.

People just don't know.

I'm praying that you can help these legislators know and understand the problem.

Thank you for all you do!!

Floridamom said...

You are doing a great job getting the word about R & S for the families of Missouri and other states.

This is a horrible problem that so many people do not know about.

Keep up the great work.