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6-Year-Old Boy's Story

The following are two instances in this little boy's experience with seclusion and restraint. This testimony was provided by a witness. It is unclear if the parent knows the extent to which restraint and seclusion are being used on this child.

Fall 2008

The little boy was in the regular kindergarten room, falling to the floor and taking his shoes off. He was not following directions, so the BD (Behavior Disorder) teacher was called on the walkie talkie.

The BD teacher immediately came to the classroom and took the kindergartner to the "Time-Out Room" (another name for the small padded seclusion room). He started crying and resisting, and then sat in there for about 15 minutes. They brought him back to class.

Later in the day the kindergartner started removing his clothing and kicking at a paraprofessional (in the regular classroom). The BD teacher was called again. Someone brought him to the seclusion room again kicking and screaming. Two paraprofessionals had to force him into the room, where he stayed for approximately 30 minutes.

He took off his clothes, peed on the floor, and then rolled around in his own urine. The staff made him get dressed and clean it up. They then cleaned him up and put new clothes on him.


District Information:

Assessed Valuation: $2,407,289,409
Total Enrollment: 22,092

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