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Questions, comments, concerns, ideas? Have a personal story to share? Email me at nomoseclusion AT gmail DOT com.

Stop the Abuse

Show your support and pledge to stop this here: http://autism.change.org/actions/view/end_the_use_of_aversives_restraints_and_seclusion

Please note, this is not an issue only effecting those with autism, but all individuals with disabilities. Talk to your legislators, talk to the media, share this and let people know that this is going on. Share your story any way you can.

Please e-mail me if you have a personal story. And if you have a child with a disability in the school system now--even if you don't think it is possible for them to be restrained or secluded--consider sending a letter to try and prevent this from happening to your child (http://aprais.tash.org/parents.htm).

Ange Hemmer

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